An analysis of the unidentified flying object sightings and the types of aliens

Some more advanced flying saucers capable of spaceflight have been proposed, often as black projects by aeronautics companies. Constable argues that the known properties of orgone energy can account for many of the phenomena associated with UFOs [24].

Quick Technical Overview: What we think we know about UFOs

Skeptics argue this diversity of shapes, size and configurations points to a socio-psychological explanation. Orgone energy could also explain temporary blindness in witnesses, and burning, tanning, and reddening of the skin.

He saw no light at the rear. According to Perry, the Soviet space station Salyut-7 ejected several boxes of debris on that night, which re-entered the earth's atmosphere around central-western Brazil. They then set off to follow the glow, much as the three airmen did at this same position two nights earlier, when misperceiving the Orford Ness lighthouse.

Fata Morgana was named as a hypothesis for the mysterious Australian phenomenon Min Min light. It would be very difficult for us to talk about the hypothesis of an electronic war. During the s, there were reports of "black triangle" UFOs.

They may be domed, finned, or otherwise outfitted. More exotically, British Rail worked on plans for the British Rail "Space Vehicle" a proposed, saucer-shaped craft based on so far undiscovered technologies such as nuclear fusion and superconductivitywhich was supposed to have been able to transport multiple passenger between planets, but never went beyond the patent stage.

Plasmas created by the whirling fields around the craft could account for reports of UFOs causing burning and scorching. While he was circling the mountain he spotted a cluster of nine brightly glowing meteors rushing past his plane toward the massive, remote bulk of Mount Adams to the south.

In the second paragraph of his introductory "Conclusions and Recommendations," Condon wrote: Retired Soviet cosmonaut Major General Pavel Popovich relates a mutiple-witness sighting, while flying home from Washington, DC with a delegation of scientists src: On the other hand, radar propagation is essentially unaffected by the water droplets of the cloud so that changes in water vapor content with altitude are very effective in producing atmospheric ducting and radar mirages.

In one well-documented case a man was stunned and blinded after being hit by a beam of light; his flesh began to detach itself from his bones, and he died 6 hours later. Rapidly-moving lights or lights with apparent ability to rapidly change direction.

Almost no scientific papers about UFOs have been published in peer-reviewed journals. In a matter of days, the St. Whereas the UFO airflow-control force field ACFF may be thought as short-range, continuous, and having components which are uniformly distributed with respect to direction.

Theories behind a proposed man-made explanation for the awesome aerodynamic performance of the Flying Triangle seen over Illinois are similar to those discussed in "The Edge of Reality: A possibly related unconfirmed story, which I found particularly fascinating, is the so-called "Moonshaft" artifacta crescent-shaped black mass allegedly buried in a limestone cave in Slovakia.

Such luminous beams directed from the UFO towards the ground could be columns of ionized air, related to or a byproduct of UFO propulsion.

However the high tech sophisticated equipment and sensors were not lying, there were eleven targets outside them with unpredictable intentions. In the case of Quarouble France on Sepan oval UFO 6 meters axial, 3 meters cross diameter landed on railroad tracks leaving deep indentations on wooden crossties, and was estimated at 30 tons.

Flying saucer

Then the object moved towards the railway station, still flashing. As a result of direct force field action, the cyclic component in the UFO force field induces vibrations, i. Darkened regions could conceivably be the result of plasma absorption of light in the visible spectrum, with re-radiation primarily in the non-visible, such as ultraviolet and infrared, but this is more speculative.

Some have common beliefs around UFOs mixed with Christian elements: The bobbing, skipping and swinging of various types of UFO emerges from the fundamental KRW pattern of the energy used in propulsion, or, in the case of the critters, in their animation and natural life pulsation.Real unidentified flying objects are sometimes called TRUFOs (as in True UFOs).

These cannot be explained away as atmospheric phenomena or IFOs. They are what most people think of when they hear the term "UFO": flying saucers and aliens. A flying saucer (also referred to as "a flying disc") is a descriptive term for a supposed type of flying craft having a disc or saucer-shaped body, commonly used generically to refer to an anomalous flying term was coined in but has generally been supplanted since by the United States Air Force term unidentified flying objects or UFOs.

The flying object is real. If you slow the video down, you can see a dark object flying across the screen starting at the right-hand side and moving toward the rocket where it sits on the platform.

Then, the Falcon 9 explodes. Strictly speaking, the mystery object is indeed a UFO. It's unidentified. It's flying. It's an object.

Jacques Vallee holds a master’s degree in astrophysics from France and a PhD in computer science from Northwestern is the author of several books about high technology and unidentified phenomena, a subject that first attracted his attention as an astronomer in Paris.

- Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs have always been shrouded in mystery. In spite of the numerous sightings of flying saucers and alien beings reported worldwide, the existence of UFOs has never been confirmed.

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Unidentified flying object

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Unidentified flying object

Physical parameters.

An analysis of the unidentified flying object sightings and the types of aliens
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